Annual General Meetings

AGM 2022 – Minutes

  1. Call to order
    Quorum having been reached Chairman called the meeting to order at 15.06.
  1. Chairman’s Welcome
    The Chairman welcomed attendees and gave an overview of the work of the Group.
  2. Election of Chairman
    The Chairman recused himself. On behalf of the Secretariat, Julie Robinson confirmed that Andrew Lewer was happy to seek re-election as Chairman. Lord Lucas proposed him, and Sally-Ann Hart and Brendan Clarke-Smith seconded. There being no other candidates, Andrew Lewer was duly re-elected as Chairman.
  3. Election of Officers
    The Chairman listed those Members who had expressed a desire to be elected as
    Vice Chairs of the Group. The following were duly proposed, seconded, and elected:
    • Lord Knight
    • Baroness Garden
    • Lord Naseby
    • Lord Lucas
    • Giles Watling
    • Brendan Clarke-Smith
    • William Wragg
    • Sally-Ann Hart
    • Chris Green
    • Sir John Hayes
    • John Howell
    • Sir Graham Brady
    • Greg Smith
    • Philip Davies
    • Lia Nici
    Julie Robinson welcomed and thanked the Group’s new Vice-Chairs on behalf of the ISC
  4. Statement of Purpose
    The Chairman reiterated the Group’s Statement of Purpose: To provide a forum to discuss developments in the independent education sector, to discuss issues facing the sector, to highlight best practice, explore the wider contribution of the sector, share knowledge, and to raise matters affecting the sector with government and sector leaders.
    The Chairman proposed that, for the purpose of the Register of APPGs, this continue to be the Group’s purpose. The motion was approved unanimously.
  5. Reappointment of Secretariat
    The Chairman proposed that the ISC continue to serve as the Group’s secretariat. The motion was approved unanimously. The Chairman thanked those present from ISC for their work with the Group.
  6. Financial Statement
    The Chairman confirmed that the income and expenditure of the Group over the past reporting year had not met the threshold as to require an Income and Expenditure Statement under the rules.
  7. Any Other Business
    No other business was forthcoming.
    The Chairman closed the AGM at 15:30

AGM 2021

The APPG had our 2021 AGM on 27th April, you can access a copy of the formal minutes below.

After the formal business of the AGM, Julie Robinson, ISC CEO, spoke about the challenges independent schools have faced during COVID-19, as well as how they have been able to help their communities through the pandemic.

Teachers and pupils at independent schools faced many of the same difficulties as their colleagues and friends in state-funded schools. In the immediate onset of the pandemic, schools adapted rapidly to home-learning, remaining open for vulnerable children, and the children of key workers. Where possible, independent schools worked with local authorities to offer spare capacity for vulnerable and key-worker children whose schools could not remain open. As the pandemic progressed, boarding schools offered over 10,000 beds to local authorities and NHS trusts to house key workers who could not return home for fear of infecting their families.

Independent schools have faced financial challenges through the pandemic, seeing reduced fee income and the sharp decline in international boarding students. Nevertheless, school closures have been limited, and the sector is hopeful for the future.

As schools are beginning to return to normal, independent schools are welcoming back their own pupils, and exploring how partnerships can support pupils in state-funded schools. Before the pandemic, there were already more than 11,500 partnerships involving independent schools. Schools have used these relationships to support remote learning and provide digital devices, and are now considering how they can contribute to learning recovery.

Vice Chairs

We’d also like to welcome our new and returning Vice-Chairs, elected at the AGM:

Lord Knight of WeymouthBaroness Garden of Frognal
Lord LucasLord Naseby
William Wragg MPBrendan Clarke-Smith MP
Sally-Ann Hart MPJane Hunt MP
Giles Watling MPChris Green MP
Sir John Hayes MPSir Graham Brady MP
John Howell MPGreg Smith MP
Philip Davies MPLia Nici MP
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